Grasse is a city of 51.000 people, ideally situated between the sea and the mountains in that marvellous inland country of the « Côte d’Azur », only 17 kilometres from Cannes and 34 kilometres from Nice.

In regard to its principal business, the French author Francis de Croisset, when speaking of Grasse, said that “Grasse is the only city in the world where the word factory (« usine ») is poetic”

Create your very own Perfume.
Daily work shops -Galimard’ s Studio des Fragrances was developed to reveal the secret of perfume making which has until recently always been closed to the public.

You have no doubt dreamt of the day you would find your own personal fragrance.  One that is exclusively you. The scents and smells that will remind you of fond memories, of people, places and things which seduced you. A scent uniquely “you”, one which will distinguish you from all others.

In our ”Studio des Fragrances”,  our Perfumer will change you into a Perfume creator.
Sit down and relax at your own personal organ. Your personal creation environment allows you to discover the base essence products and the techniques used to mix them harmoniously.

Make your own perfume

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